If you’re looking for cutting edge veterinary medicine with compassionate staff, visit the Wylie Veterinary Hospital!

At Wylie Veterinary Hospital, our mission is to treat you and your pet with the utmost respect and love. We will treat both you and your pet the same way we would want to be treated ourselves, taking into consideration your needs and wishes.

We will strive to educate you about your pet’s condition so that you can make informed decisions. Recognizing that new information and techniques are becoming available at a very rapid pace, we will through continuing education regularly upgrade and improve our skills.

We believe pets are a special part of God’s creation and that we, as God’s people created in His image, have been placed in dominion over them. As such, we are charged with caring responsibly for His creatures. Acknowledging God’s creation of all living things, we will seek to honor Him through our interactions with them.

michelle glover

Dr. Michelle Glover, DVM
Medical Director

Alisa Volpi

Dr. Alisa Volpi, DVM

Gary Bridges

Dr. Gary Bridges, DVM
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